Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winter's Wardrobe Collection

Winter season is coming to an end in a couple of weeks, and I thought I should blog about my  personal winter clothing collection. Thanks to my supportive girlfriend who inspire me to blog about it (you know who you are *wink*).

When I shop for clothes, I don't usually splurge on expensive or branded clothing line, unless I really need an extensive retail therapy and end up overspent my budget limit. (hehe)

My collection is not the top-notch trendy winter fashion, but it's more towards my own personal preferences. I did my best to display and take 'almost-perfect' shots of these few collection I have in my wardrobe. So here goes, enjoy :)

Fitted Sleeveless Blouse with Matching Wool Grey Scarf & Black High Waist Belt

Charcoal Black Dress with Brown Wool Scarf and a Matching  Black Boots

Black Wool Jacket with Fitted Mini Skirt

Navy Blue Cardigan

Blue Sleeveless Dress - one of my favourite!

Zig-zag Sleeveless Dress with Matching Snow-White Cardigan & Beanie to go with the Black Shoes

Body-hugging Metallic Black Mini Dress with Matching Black  Bag

Floral Lace Mini Dress - my 2nd favourite dress!

High Waist Belts - I only have 3 as Im not a really big fan of big belts!

Beige Overcoat when the weather gets too cold?! :)

Purple is My Winter's Theme Color

My current favourite!! - Babydoll Polka-Dots Sleeveless Dress with Matching Charles&Keith Handbag and  Novo High Heels

Navy-Blue Silk Blouse with Matching Pencil Skirt & Novo Black Shoes

Turtle-neck Sweater with High Waist Belt - keeps me nice & warm

Sandy-White-Red-Stripe Ladies HandyBag - Love this bag as it can carry so much inside.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Upcoming Entry ...... Winter's Clothing Collection

I have made a promised to a dear friend that I will start posting my winter's clothing collection in my blog. And I intend to keep that promise eventhough it took me weeks to finally have that time to it... (hehe)

So, in my upcoming post, do look forward to my new entry. Comments are most welcome!

Signing off for now. Good night bloggers/readers 

Bike Riding Anyone?

It never crossed my mind to buy a vintage ladies bicycle, not from a bicycle shop but from eBay. I was quite impressed with the concept of buying items online, and with eBay, I was happy with my package being delivered within a week from NSW to WA, and in good condition too. Purchase price from eBay was for $250 inclusive postage fee and free accessories worth $100 (pump; water bottle & holder; lock and lights). Great bargain! :)

And today, right after work, I had a good 10 minutes cycling around my residential park. The bright metallic pink made my presence obvious to the onlookers, some smilling or waving at me as I cycled past them. Awesomeness overwhelmed me for a few seconds (hehe!)

And here it beauty :)

Vintage Ladies Bike from ReidCycles

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me...

Just 2 weeks ago,I have officially turned a year older and supposedly wiser, as most people would say. 
But I think I have grown a little bit wiser with life's experiences; i.e the heartbreaks from relationships make you grow stronger and wiser not to foolishly be infatuated easily. In other words, I have doubts in trusting men when it comes to love. I've tried to open up, but the door hinges would not budge an inch. I blame no one but myself, only time will tell.

It's my first year of being many miles away from the family to celebrate my  birthday, and it's my first to celebrate this momentous day with the Fowles. On the day itself, we had dinner (ala carte menu) at Sizzler. The food was delicious; I had BBQ honey roasted spare ribs, with salad on the side.

The only missing piece to this birthday puzzle was the birthday cake. Im not fussy or particular without having a birthday cake on my birthdate but it would be nice to have one. The only reason was because we wanted to wait for Uncle Ray to come back for his R&R on his birthday (today). So, it's a "kill-2-birds-with-1-stone" kind of thing.

So, there you go...a simple happy birthday celebration for lil ol me. And I have not forgotten to make my birthday wishes.

4 little candles that marks my 4 bday wishes