Friday, March 8, 2013

It's been a while..& what's up Ms B...

YES...I KNOW...I have been neglecting my blog for such a long time. I have lost count the times I intended to write something on my blog but never had the chance to sit down and type away.

So, now I have the time to blog but running out of ideas. I am just going to start with anything that comes into my delicate mind. Sleepy but the brain is running like a clockwork now. (hehe)
It is almost midnight, 10 minutes to 12AM to be exact, and I am slouching on my hand-me-downs double bed in my spacious lounge room, that has no door, using only a makeshift wired curtain as a temporary barricade, which is enough to serve its purpose. I do not have the luxury of a privacy for that matter, living with my Aunt and her chaotic family of 9, which you may be surprised as I have included the 2 annoying miniature dogs, a German Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier (I hope I got the spelling right as I couldn't be bothered to 'Google' the breed's name).

I have my valid and justifiable reason as to why I am still living with my Aunt when I know very well that I can rent a room outside the comfort of my familiar zone. Here are my top 4 reasons:

  1. Living with the 'family' means paying less than the current rental market; renting a room outside & close to the city radius would mean forking up an average of $300 per week. I saved 1/2 the amount that goes directly to my savings.
  2. Food is always provided for; by the time you get back from work, dinner is served.
  3. House chores are exceptional; I do my own washing but my Aunt will cater for the housework most of the time anyway.
  4. I have cousins who I can go out shopping or for movies on weekends.

Looking to rent a room?? On second thought, maybe NOT!

So, there you go. Keeping up with the Fowles can be a headache sometimes, but nevertheless, I love them to bits.

It's 5 minutes past midnight and my eyes are already calling me to shut and snooze.

To end this note, I want to wish my fellow bloggers a good and fuzzy night.