Monday, July 16, 2012

Yum Cha & MacNuts Farm on a Sunday with The Fowles

I had a good Sunday with the Fowles family with a start of a promising sunny weather in the morning despite the chilly winter breeze. By mid morning, we were already out from the house headed towards the Kwinana freeway and to Leeming, a small suburb where we had our yum-cha (dim sum) for early lunch. There are several Chinese restaurants around the area and the variety of choices are endless from pork buns;sio mai;prawn balls; mince pork with chives; to sweet desserts such as mango pudding; egg tarts; and coconut jelly. I should have taken photos of each of these delicious servings but I was too hungry and busy shoving it all in; while trying to compete with my cousins in an eating competition *big grin*. We spent about $160 for the delicious lunch; that's about $27 per head, including the refreshing bubble jelly milk tea that we'd ordered later.

After the hearty meal, we drove back towards the Kwinana freeway headed home (Rockingham) but we did a last minute detour to Baldivis Road when my aunt suggested we should stop at the MacNuts Farm to get some delicious crunchy macadamia nuts. Mmmm...yummy macadamia nuts!!! The farm is situated at 213 Doghill Road, Baldivis, some 50 kms south of Perth on Western Australia's sandy coastal plain. On our arrival, all I could see were straight lines of tall trees; like a mini jungle. Further inside the mini jungle farm is a modern farmhouse and a huge barnyard that I assumed is the processing plant, where they process the macadamia nuts. We went inside the house, which is actually a mini shop that sells various macadamia products; from processed ready-to-eat macadamia nuts which are available in 9 different flavours including chocolate coated and caramel ones (my favourite!) to their very own cosmetic body & skincare products. The price range is a little bit pricey but it was worth it compared to buying from supermarkets.

Open 7 days a week from 10AM - 5PM

A colourful Australian animals signboard welcoming us at the entrance

Rows of Macadamia Trees

I ended up buying the caramel coated ones after tasting few samples of the delicious nuts; a 200g packet cost me about $10. (that's not cheap). After that, we went straight home, and started sampling our macadamia with our bottle of Coronas...cheers :)

200g of macadamia - $10